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While most of us stay planted firmly on the ground, KING is usually far beyond the clouds. His off beat view of life and quirky personality, sets the stage for some entertaining conversations! KING has always had a passion for music and technology, which has made him a comfortable fit for FENTRadio. Always ready to go live KING is the host of both The WakeNBake Show! He has always said, "I feel so blessed to have the ability to bring music to the world and help new talent gain exposure". You can check out KING, every Saturday from 10am-12pm on The WakeNBake Weekly Countdown.

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In music the engineer is the person that brings balance to your creative vision. Adjusting and tweaking your sound to where everything comes to complete balance. When it comes to life PriceDaEngineer is really no different. He is the balance that helps keep the people around him in perfect harmony. Now he wants to bring that same energy to the world with The Stu Podcast. A new podcast that showcases music and analyzes sports. Join Price and Co-Host Gizz every Friday from 6pm-7pm.

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